Name the fifth world in Taurus VR by competing for a high score

Taurus VR has been out in Early Access for a few weeks now and is really starting to get competitive.

The high score boards are starting to fill up as more and more people play the game and if you’re among the top 100 there’s an extra something special we’ve got in store for you.

If, by February 14th, your score ranks in the Top 100 of the game’s high score board, you’ll be entered into a very special raffle.

A name will be randomly selected from those on the high score board once that time passes and that person will be able to name the upcoming fifth world in Taurus VR!

This is a fantastic gesture from the team at Nusakan Studios and really opens up some exciting possibilities.

So make sure to download Taurus VR and get playing for the best score. And while you’re at it, you can unlock a very special alien spaceship which will only be available for Early Access customers!

Taurus VR is now available on Steam Early Access for $11.99 or £9.29. Try the demo today and give it a go for yourself.

Take a listen to our recent PerpCast as we chat to the game’s Creative Director, Jaime Nunez and learn more about the game.

And if you’ve already played Taurus VR, then why not leave a review on their Steam page and let the developers know what you think!


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