Earn an Exclusive Pioneer’s Badge with Taurus VR Early Access until January 31st!

Taurus VR is now available on Steam Early Access and is already getting some high praise.

Developed by Nusakan Studios and published by Perp Games, you can pick it up for £9.29 / $11.99 with the game getting a full release in the Summer.

If you do get the game on Early Access, there are several incentives for you, including an exclusive gift – the Pioneer’s Badge.

The only way to unlock this is if you purchase the game on Early Access and play it before January 31st! Simply boot it up and it’ll be added to your account.

This is just one of the many perks you can get for purchasing Taurus VR on Steam Early Access.

Stay tuned to Perp Games to learn more about the incentives and for all your Taurus VR news!


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