Golem set to support PlayStation Navigation Controller and much more in future patches

The Highwire team appreciates the passion and volume of feedback we’ve recieved from the community. Don’t worry, we worked on Golem for a long time — we want as many people as possible to get to experience it — and will continue to support the game going forward.

Here’s a list of bugs we are tracking for the Golem v1.02 patch:

  • Re-enable Left Hand Mode. Our sinister players were left out when the mode caused a progression blocker right before launch.
  • Infinite music after retreating from combat. Even great music shouldn’t go on forever.
  • Decrease weapon physics damping. A change that improved weapon response for PS4 Pro had a negative effect on base PS4 models and is being rolled back.
  • Instant registration of combat trophies. Trophies for killing certain types of golems were being delayed, causing players to believe they had not yet earned them and kill too many golems. In cases where these trophies were never awarded properly, the patch should retroactively grant them.
  • Collision fixes in the city. You are falling.
  • Miscellaneous performance optimizations and bug fixes.
  • My head flew around the room, flipped over and fell in a bucket. Your head did what now? Did you try turning it off and turning it back on? The PSVR, not your head. Maybe check the PSVR Tracking Issue Guide?

And here’s a list of control options we are adding in the patch. But first, a note from Jaime Griesemer, Creative Director on the game:

Our ultimate desire for Golem is total immersion. We want players to lose themselves in this storybook world, which requires controls that disappear and become an extension of your will. Although unusual at first, as you master them you parallel Twine’s heroic journey as she struggles to overcome her limitations. When I was working on the original Halo, everyone said you can’t do FPS on a controller because–

[Editor’s Note: Removing a four page tangent about proprioception, the Innovator’s Dilemma, authorial intent vs games as a service, the role of anti-fragility in new media and something about “sublimation into the singularity”… nothing relevant to patch notes.]

So — as long as everyone keeps all that in mind — we can add some options. Sure. I mean, I get that people have spent hundreds of hours in Skyrim…

But I’m not changing the difficulty. Tell them it’s supposed to be that hard.

  • Direct movement control with a stick. You can already use the analog stick on the DualShock to move in Golem. The fact that you are hearing about this for the first time in patch notes was a bad plan. We’re also making it optional and we’re working to enable support for the Nav Controller, too.
  • Suppress Incline Controls while using stick movement. Movement options should be exclusively applied, not added together. So if you do chose to use stick controls you won’t be required to keep your head still.
  • Allow option to disable adaptive turning. The feedback on this one is pretty clear. Golem players will now have the option to disable the adaptive turning and rely exclusively on the quick turn. We are also making the “blink” optional and adding more choices of turn angles.
  • Increased movement speed. The player’s maximum movement speed is limited by the streaming load times as you move through the city. Luckily, miscellaneous performance optimizations have allowed for faster movement. We’re going to restrict it to golems with higher level gemstones, though.
  • Slightly increased sensitivity of Incline Controls. Ideally, using the Incline controls should be completely comfortable for extended sessions. Only a few inches of movement is required for complete freedom of movement, it should be an almost imperceptible sway from the waist. There is no need to look at the floor or crane your neck or double over in your chair. We are increasing the sensitivity a bit more to try to discourage players from exaggerating their movements and causing unnecessary strain.

The team is working quickly to get the patch out very soon. If all goes according to plan you’ll be left-handed smooth-turning through the Endless City by Black Friday.

(Source: Highwire Games)


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