CoolPaintr VR will get a retail exclusive Deluxe Edition through Perp Games

Let your imagination run wild with CoolPaintr VR: Deluxe Edition: A retail exclusive collection

Design anything you want in full 3D VR space and connect with your inner artist.

Sngular and Perp Games are delighted to reveal that CoolPaintr VR will be getting a physical PlayStation VR release on October 25th with stunning new content to enjoy.

This CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition contains the base game along with the brand new Voxel DLC and various digital extras, including wallpapers, the guide CoolpaintrVR: Beyond the limits, and some exciting unrevealed digital content.

CoolpaintrVR is designed to suit all audiences, working as a powerful tool for professionals and a game that proposes a new formula of immersive entertainment.

You can either discover new incredible 3D fields of expression as a professional artist, or test your amateur creative skills, modelling from a hand-drawn shape to craft your own unique VR world. Get inside your artwork through the power of VR and walk around using either the Dualshock 4 or PlayStation Move Controller as a brush.

With a vast range of tools, CoolPaintr VR includes different plain and liquid brushes suitable for all users’ needs and offers advanced organic capabilities for daring adventures. Imagination will be your only limit in this relaxing, sickness-free experience.

Running at a consistent 120FPS is one of the outstanding technological capacities of CoolPaintr VR. By creating 120 images per second, CoolPaintr VR allows the user a visual cadence that is ultra precise and highly realistic, all without fatigue.

CoolPaintr VR also gives you the tools to immerse yourself in a creative environment tailored to your interests, by listening to your favourite music playable from a USB stick.

You can be connected to a global community by uploading your designs to the CoolPaintr VR website, and get inspired by others’ great fantasies. Enjoy and spread your artwork around the world!

Of the announcement, Fernando de Rada, Sngular Studios Director at Sngular says: “We are so proud to partner with Perp Games for the physical release of CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition. This exciting opportunity gives our fans a new way to enjoy its exclusive content, and keep it forever in their collection of favourite games.”

Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games, believes bringing CoolPaintr VR to retail offers exciting new opportunities to PSVR owners. “Virtual Reality affords some amazing possibilities and CoolPaintr VR really brings some of those to life. We’re delighted to work with Sngular to produce a Deluxe Edition of the game and can’t wait to see some of your creations!”

CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Edition comes to retail on PSVR on the 25th of October.


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