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Thanks to you, we reached exciting new social media heights across all of our platforms this month and we really appreciate it. So to celebrate, we’re doing a massive giveaway.

How would you like to win EVERY game we publish in 2019? That includes titles which have already been released like Squishies and Ghost Giant. It also includes upcoming titles such as Sairento and Honor and Duty All Out War Edition.

Even titles we’ve recently announced as long as they release before December 31, 2019!

Sound exciting? Well, here’s what we want you to do.

All you have to do to enter is reply to this post and answer the following question.

  • What’s your favourite gaming moment from any Perp Games title and why?

It does have to be a Perp Games title, but we’ve got a wide range to choose from. Maybe it was meeting Louis for the first time in Ghost Giant, or smashing a vase in Smash Hit Plunder? Perhaps you liked wiping out an Alien threat in Unearthing Mars 2, or jumping out of your skin while playing Paper Dolls.

Anything we publish is fair game. We’ll pick our favourites on July 10th and announce a winner across all our social media platforms!

Please try to be considerate of others if discussing potential spoilers.

And to show our appreciation, we’re also taking 15% off ALL games on the Perp Store if you use the code – Awesome15 – That’s off EVERYTHING! And the best part, it runs until July 10th so you’ve got over a week to pick up some discounted titles.

Right, enough from me. Consider the great Perp Games competition of 2019 NOW OPEN


75 Responses

  1. Highing Five with Quill on Moss. It’s still one of the cutest moment on any PSVR game, and interacting with Quill is always a delight!

    1. For me it’s got to be zipping around back flipping, wall running, floor sliding and somersaulting off walls floors and ceilings whilst dual wielding pistols firing a bow and arrow, throwing a shuriken and going all out wolverine in sairento!

      1. My favorite moment in a vr game was in Moss. Quill is an amazing character and seeing her in front of me doing sign language was too cute! My favorite moment was realizing I could reach out and pet her! I really enjoy that awesome game! I can’t wait to go on more adventures with Quill

    2. So many to choose from but it really does have to be getting the Platinum trophy in Ghost Giant. Such a beautiful and emotional game expertly produced mixing humour with mental health issues in such a respectful and open way in the narrative. Just brilliant. I felt such a sense of pride seeing it through to it’s beautiful platinum conclusion. Love it.

    3. doing a backflip and shooting down on enemies in bullet time just to grind on my knees behind 2 guys and slashing them with my swords.
      this was my favorite gaming moment
      it was of course sairento 🙂
      it is a dream come true

    4. Has to be watching and interacting with quill for the 1st time. Seeing the attention to detail was truly impressive

  2. For me it would have to be seeing the stunning and huge locations at the end of Downward Spiral: Horus Station! It was one of the few jaw dropping experiences I’ve had in VR, I could tell they put so much detail and effort into the game. And they did a great job at making you feel so small and alone inside of the huge and impressive structures.

    1. My favorite moment took me way back to my childhood. That very first time taking off in Ultrawings brought back so many memories of that first time playing Pilotwings on the SNES. So much awesomeness!

  3. Congrats Perp games! My favorite moment from a perp game would be catching a Ghost “Hunting” in the Graveyard in Ghost Giant. Awesome level.

    1. Casting spells on The Wizards: Enhanced Edition is fun in a way I cant describe. Makes me feel like Doctor Strange!

  4. Hello,

    I have actually not played any of your games, but I found your page and followed it because of all the rave reviews I have heard for Ghost Giant, particularly that it deals with a variety of mental troubles that so fee games touch on. This out the game on my radar and I hope to play it one day. Thanks for thinking outside the box and being willing to do something that few others have.

    1. Has to be the first time I met Quill in Moss.
      Not many games give you the feeling of happiness and joy as much as interacting within this world and it’s characters. It really felt like me and Quill were working together on this adventure.
      One of the best PSVR games I’ve played.

    2. Hi, my favorite moment was flying for the first time in Ultrawings. I was sitting on a chair in my living room. In game I was flying an ultralight aircraft. When I bend over to the side, I could actually look over the edge of the aircraft and look below and see the trees and ground underneath. When I turned my head around I could look freely around to all directions and see the rear of the airplane. It was an amazing experience, Closest I’ve come to my childhood dream of flying a plane!

  5. Seeing my own reflection in the water during Moss and making myself jump! Truly a memorable game full of other great moments

  6. Oh man that’s an easy one! The first time a played Pixel ripped, pretty much start to finish. That game was everything I ever wanted from a nostalgic overload in one place. But, I think I have to say that the most impactful moment was playing the gamegear in real 3D on my school desk in the very end. Boy was it challenging! But I absolutely loved being completely surrounded in virtual lava, climbing the treacherous books and desk supplies, all to defeat the evil cyblin (sp?) Lord! Oh…to good…I think imma have to do that again asap!!

    Thanks for bringing all these joys to our shelves. It’s been wonderful to have the true experience of owning such a classic, opening it and even smelling the ‘new game’ packaging (don’t pretend you didn’t do it too!). Keep up the excellent work!!

  7. For me it has to be Pixel Ripped 1989, I loved every second of that game, the feeling of nostalgia I got from playing games I grew up playing in the 80’s, but in VR was amazing! My stand out favourite moment was seeing the game burst out of your handheld onto the desk only for you to carry on the battle in full 3d in front of you. PSVR Perfection ??

  8. I am new to PSVR and one of the first games I played was Infinite Minigolf. Love the design and looking around a child’s room seeing all the toys. I had a hard to concentrating on the putt because I kept wanting to see the whole room. Good to see Perp is willing to work with other companies to make incredible games. I can’t wait to try out more Prep games.

    1. Oh man, my favorite moment? There are soo many memorable moments that this is going to be hard. The entirety of Ghost Giant gets my vote. The depiction of depression is spot on and had me in tears quite a few times. It was an extremely well crafted game that deserves more than one full play through. Sairento looks to be amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and stream my amazement!!

  9. My favorite Perp Games moment was taking off for the first time in Ultrawings. For a moment, I actually felt like I took off and got a funny feeling in my stomach. Very cool experience!

  10. Congrats perp games! Favorite moment was from Moss first perp game I purchased. The whole world reminds me of the 90s looking in a pop up books except in beautiful VR.

    1. Hmmmmm..:… tough one really as there are so many good games you guys have released. Apex construct is up there not for one particular reason but just for being awesome throughout but right now it’s Ghost Giant… it’s such an amazing game and the highlight so far has been the graveyard scene. It’s a genuinely heartwarming game on what is quite a difficult subject.

  11. Jumping into the arcade cabinets and hearing the old school audio in Operation: Warcade. A nostalgia trip amplified in VR!

  12. My favourite Perp gaming moment is in Apex Construct, realising I can hold the bow horizontally, which not only made me feel cool, but I actually found it easier to aim!

  13. Definitely Apex Construct and getting my hands on the bow. I felt like a badass – invincible, which is kinda weird considering it’s “just” a bow. Everyone who’ve played knows exactly what i mean. The feeling quadrupled when i got to fire arrows at the traffic signs, and by now i was giggling like a schoolgirl! Awesome!

  14. Playing ghost Giant felt amazing. Truly one of the most emotional games I’ve played this year. Really impressive for a VR game. I felt Louis, i felt Louis’ mom. It left me speechless and I found it hard to put my thoughts about the game on paper. Even now I struggle to translate my thoughts to words about this game. The topic in the game is not unfamiliair for me and the way Louis handled the situation really speaks to me. All the pieces came together in the end, a beautiful metaphor in its self.

  15. Watch for the first time the little world of Moss and help Quill on his journey, also see on the water the reflection of my avatar ?

  16. So many to choose from but it really does have to be getting the Platinum trophy in Ghost Giant. Such a beautiful and emotional game expertly produced mixing humour with mental health issues in such a respectful and open way in the narrative. Just brilliant. I felt such a sense of pride seeing it through to it’s beautiful platinum conclusion. Love it.

  17. For me it’s playing Pixel Ripped 1989 in a hotel room with the guys from Arvore at VRLA last year. I felt like I was behind the scenes for the first time and it was awesome!

  18. Bought my ps4 vr 6 months ago, I was kinda bored of the regular gaming. One of my first experience with the ps4 vr, was the demo of Moss. I was hooked at it, just cause it was fun to play and I liked the way the environment looked. After it I bought the full version the start of a new way of gaming begon. Prep games keeps the vr alive and kicking so thanks for the great games that are outband will come out later. I’m Trying to build up a vr collection so this is a great price to win!

  19. I’m new to the PSVR magic, but I just finished Moss and what inolvidable experience it is. I was so impressed in fact I traveled with my headset to show it to the rest of my family. Can’t wait to try the other games you guys have in your line up. I would love to win the collection!

    1. I loved playing the wizards on psvr. It felt like I was doctor strange casting different spells and blowing enemies up with balls of fire. Even though I probably looked crazy waving my hands about on the outside, inside the game casting spells and making bows and using lightning powers was probably the best feeling ever. The wizards is definitely the best Perp games title I have played

  20. There really is far to many to choose from. I will go with the bonkers switch screen in operation Warcade that took me by surprise. Watching a giant head above it all from inside the arcade cabinet.
    Then the constant fun in Honour and Duty. A game that is lived at 100mph!!

  21. My favorite moment so far is the final boss battle in Moss. Rushing through the level, trying to keep Quill out of harm’s way, and firing crossbow bolts at the snake was actually quite thrilling! I loved feeling like I was there with her 🙂

  22. When the curtain is pulled aside and you see Louis’ mother and understand what’s going on, I started sobbing.
    Love that game! Along with several other Perp games.

  23. The ending of Torn was an unexpected surprise when you find it what she was really doing “there” 😉

  24. Playing Downward Spiral: Horus Station in coop with my dad was incredible, i love playing coop games with him. But the best moment was when we played basketball, we had an endless giggle 🙂 Such a great moment, Thanks to bring us great games in physical !

  25. Some of my best gaming memories are playing in the arcades as a kid in the 80s, I loved playing pinball and gun games in the arcades, so my favourite gaming moments from Perp Games titles are Zen Studios VR Collection Pinball FX2 VR and Operation Warcade, playing those games brought back all the good arcade memories from the 80s playing pinball and gun games like Operation Wolf, having these games makes me feel like I own my own arcade in VR

  26. My favourite plus saddest moment was in Ghost giant when you shrink down and are in the garden . When Louis mother gets the help she needs. Only in VR could be that affecting. I did cry a lot.

  27. The moment that sticks out in my mind the most and also made me “wow” after 30+ years if gaming was the moment I looked over the ocean and saw the logo screen for Torn, this moment was the one that made me realize that the future is now and that companies like Perp are bringing it and paving the way for generations to come.

  28. The moment which changed VR games was putting in a Moss game disk , then time stood still as I protected a little mouse on a journey I truly believed he shared with me. The first few minutes meeting Quill truly felt abound had formed and I wanted to project him

  29. My favorite moment was from The Wizards the first time I learned how to cast a spell. I was not expecting to have real movement for conjuring, and then the vibration on the controllers just added to the shock, it blew my mind! ??

  30. My favourite moment is from Ghost Giant and the way it handled the subject of depression something which i suffer from, they handled it very well in the game and is a very memorable moment because I can relate to it.
    Great giveaway guys good luck to all.

  31. My favourite memory is from Fruit Ninja VR. It isn’t a memory within the game but a memory that I really love. I am the only one that is really into video games. So when I got the PSVR, the family just thought it was a cool peice of tech but didn’t go on beyond that.

    When I got Fruit Ninja VR, that was when my older sister and brother took notice. They asked if they can have a shot on the PSVR just to play it. I was quite happy since for once, they decided to try out a game after a long time. Although my mother didn’t try out the PSVR, she found it quite fascinating and couldn’t stop laughing when my sister had a turn. To this day, my brother and sister still play the PSVR whenever they get the chance.

    Thanks for bringing Fruit Ninja VR on disc.
    It really made my day! 🙂

  32. My favorite VR moment was playing Moss. I actually got to live out and experience a storybook fairy tale in real life. I will never forget my time spent with Quill.

  33. There are a number of standout moments for me, it’s hard to choose. The first time entering and exploring the mysterious mansion in Torn with almost everything being interact-able, the scale of the Minotaur as it chases and hunts you down in Theseus, and the delightful interactive sections that allow you to bond with Quill throughout her adventure all come to mind, just to name a few.

    VR is special in that it can enhance not only immersion and interactivity, but also sympathy and empathy, blurring the lines between just playing a game and actually being a participant in the unfolding story.

    So for that reason, if I had to choose one moment in particular that impacted and stuck with me from the Perp Games catalog, it would have to be the tackling of emotional neglect and depression in Ghost Giant. There aren’t many games that specifically address these themes, and even fewer that do it well. Ghost Giant is able to convey the story and the player’s involvement within it in a way that resonates for both children and adults without speaking down to either group. All the while, the game utilizes benefits/perspectives unique to virtual reality to enhance these emotional moments even further, connecting you with Louis’ struggles and ongoing turmoil with his mother in ways he doesn’t fully understand, but that I (and many other players) did, making these segments all the more heartbreaking.

    Perp Games has been building quite a special library of titles over the years (hard to believe it’s been this long already), and for me Ghost Giant is right there at the top. Can’t wait to see what gets announced next.

  34. My favorite moment was tricking my Mom to play Zen Pinball game for her surprise 60th birthday party. When she took the headset off she had a huge surprise and laugh.

  35. For me to play Pixel Ripped 1989 and rescue many nostalgic moments! And a while later have the honor of chatting in the channel of Moso VR with the brazilian developer, Ana Ribeiro!

  36. My first PSVR game was Moss. I was immediately enchanted by the larger than life forest world, and attached to the beautifully animated Quill. But during the very first combat section of the game I was being super clumsy… and Quill died…

    Now perhaps it was because I was new to VR, or perhaps it was because I was in a sad place at that time in my life… but when that little mouse “died” in front of me – virtually in my hands…. I felt a genuine sense of loss: an actual physical sensation of my heart sinking as if I had just watched a beloved pet pass away.

    Of course Quill respawned two seconds later, and after a brief pause to laugh at myself, our adventure resumed. But I’ll never forget how powerful a first VR experience that surprising and bizarre sense of lost was.

    Other VR “wow!” moments have come and gone, but nothing has ever topped that odd little moment when I started to cry over a virtual mouse.

  37. It had to be when picking up the candle stick in Don’t Knick Twice that was perfectly moulded to the move to feel you were holding it for real. Bending down to light it from a roaring fire and see the room light up with the flickering light from the candle. Probably the second most scariest horror game on the PS4VR and had me jumping out of my skin several times and actually ripping the headset off as the only way to escape certain parts. I loved how the wind might blow the candle out and you had to fumble around in the dark to find another fire to light it from. Just such an amazing game/experience. Felt as if I was really In that amazing house. Thank you Perp for giving PS4VR such an amazing library of excellent games. I have all of your 2017 and 2018 published games and would love to get the complete 2019 catalogue to complement them.

  38. Ghost Giant had quite a few touching moments, but one particular part with Louis’ mother hit so close to home, I had to take off my headset until I could stop crying.

  39. The moment when in Moss Quill is outside in the forest and I realized I could look up, and see a deer lazily walking around in the background. The sheer sense of scale where I realized I was as big as I am in real life (or just slightly smaller), everything clicked for me. Suddenly I realized how tiny Quill is: really, just a mouse.

    Moss is now one of the games I use to show people what VR can really do, there is no way for flat viewing to give the same impression.

  40. I was lucky enough to get the 2017 2018 box set. So this would just be nice to add to it. I really have love playing moss I think it’s the best vr experience period. The sound the atmosphere the character design. The game is fun begining to end.

    Cheers guys

  41. Nothing is more rewarding than finishes one of your games because not only are the graphics stunning but you get a great sense of satisfaction!

  42. Playing Ghost Giant with kiddos (11 and 9). Watched them try to figure out the painting puzzle in town and then start to shoot hoops. Spinning the buildings and looking for everything. They were so excited and worked together to figure out the puzzles.

  43. My favourite moment from one your
    Many perp perfect games has to be Sairento vr it was one of the first vr games i ever played that made me giggle with glee because i could jump off walls and shoot at hords of samurai robot dudes and no other game has made me laugh whilst nearly falling into my own mother and headbutting her in vr and then nearly taking out her legs with the move controllers as i wall jump whilst flalling my arms into and a near in game samurai, atleast i killed that dude in style with some sick looking kantanas ! Shame The vr set up has now been moved to the garage….my mother wasnt impressed by vr :’)

  44. My favorite moment is listening to the dog talk in American Dream, I know it happens a lot but it get me everytime. Kinda twisted but in a great way.

  45. My favorite gaming moment is when I was playing Apex Construct Cygnia Cup. I love the way the community embraced the competition, and how I got in the top ten. But then there was secrets to get a better score. It was so fun to try to stay in the top ten. I didn’t stay in the top ten lol. But it was still a great time.

  46. My favorite gaming moment is when I was playing Apex Construct Cygnia Cup. I love the way the community embraced the competition, and how I got in the top ten. But then there was secrets to get a better score. It was so fun to try to stay in the top ten. I didn’t stay in the top ten lol. But it was still a great time..

  47. My most loved moment was when I realized the dream to cast a spell in “The Wizards”!
    My inner child was so happy, throwing fire balls.
    A dream coming true!

  48. During Downward Spiral, getting lost in the moment,forgetting about the real world, slowly making your way around the environment, hoping and praying it doesn’t suddenly turn into Dead Space when instead you find a floating poo emoji.

  49. It’s definitely Squishies from Brainseed Factory.

    I remember writing a few guides, just for fun. I wanted to do something back to the gaming community and developers.

    I didn’t have my PSVR for that long when I noticed this weird looking PSVR game with the name “Squishies”. It’s about rolling cheerful round monsters towards a goal while solving puzzles.

    I sent Brainseed Factory a DM, asking if they would mind if I wrote a trophy guide about their upcoming release. I included some of my recent guides.

    They really liked the idea, and were very happy with the exposure. So happy, that they gave me early access. I played the game the whole weekend, just so that I could work on the trophy guide.

    It was that very moment when I realised writing guides was so much fun, that I created my very own website dedicated to that purpose.

    Not much long after I discovered that Perpgames was the publisher behind the physical version, and I got introduced to a lot more awesome PSVR games.

    The rest is history now 🙂

  50. In Downward Spiral, getting lost in the moment, forgetting about your day, slowly making your way around the environment, hoping and praying it doesn’t suddenly turn into Dead Space when instead you find a floating emoji!

  51. The first spacewalk in Downward Spiral took my breath away! Opening the hatch and jettisoning myself outside the station, among the stars and above an unknown planet, is an experience I’ll never forget.

  52. My favorite gaming moment in any perp game has definitely got to be drunken bar fight. Getting so into the game when you have multiple people swinging on you it feels real. But my favorite moment of all is when I was playing it, I had one of the guys head in my hand and i went to give him a right hook and punched my coffee table so hard i about broke my fingers.

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