Moss gets new Twilight Garden Chapter free on PSVR in June

Heard lots about Moss but have yet to play it? Now you have the perfect reason to pick up a copy.

In addition to the award-winning, critically acclaimed content already available, Polyarc Games are adding a brand new chapter completely free of charge next month.

Called the Twilight Garden, players will experience new challenges and puzzles in a whole new area.

Quill will be tested in all new ways as she confronts a ‘mysterious presence’ that ‘prepares you for the dangers ahead’.

New hidden entrances to the Twilight Garden are being added to the map and you’ll be able to wield all new weapons and fight against new enemies.

For those eagerly anticipating Book 2, this is the perfect excuse to dive back into one of PSVR’s biggest titles.

You can grab a copy from your preferred retailer or get Moss from the Perp Games Online Store.

For now, here’s some new screenshots to whet your appetite.



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