QuiVR takes aim at market in EU Territories on June 28

One of the biggest VR hits will get a physical release through Perp Games

Alvios Inc and Perp Games are thrilled to reveal that QuiVR will be releasing physically on PS4, from June 28th 2019

QuiVR lets you wield a bow and arrow in an effort to become an expert marksperson as you strive to protect your keep from an ever-advancing enemy.

Alvios Inc did indepth research into bow and arrow physics and have expertly recreated them for QuiVR, modelling them after real life counterparts.

QuiVR will customise a new environment from hand-crafted tiles each time you play and offers drop-in and drop-out multiplayer for you to play with friends.

You can customise your armor and abilities and adjust the difficulty system to suit your style of play and compete in Global, weekly leaderboards.

Of the announcement, Munky says “After seeing how popular QuiVr is in the local VR arcades and then experiencing how good the mechanics felt, we were thrilled with the opportunity to port Alvios’s title to PSVR. We are happy that so many new people now have the opportunity to play QuiVr on PSVR”

With an eclectic cast of enemies, and a cinematic spectator mode, QuiVR is the most authentic archery experience out there and one of the biggest VR releases to come to PlayStation 4.

Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games, is delighted to add another massive PSVR release to the Perp Games catalogue. “We are thrilled to be working with such a talented team. Playing QuiVR Co-op multiplayer is one of the most amazing VR experiences you can have, and it is an honour to bring QuiVR to a physical box.”

QuiVR releases from June 28th 2019 for PSVR in EU Territories. An NA date will follow.


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