Squishies coming to market this Spring!

Brainseed Factory and Perp Games are thrilled to announce that Squishies will be getting a physical release this Spring!

Squishies is a head-scratching, puzzle focused VR platformer where you guide courageously cute creatures through a series of increasingly hazardous, challenging mazes.

In contrast to their previous game, Typoman, Brainseed Factory’s Squishies offers a joyful, vibrant world which you can easily navigate using PS Move controllers.

You push and pull the Squishies from one side of the maze to the other to get them through the end-gates, all while earning medals, gathering crystals, climbing slopes, and avoiding pitfalls. Players will also be able to collect power-ups to help them along the way, as well as use unique alien technology to circumvent the environment.

Squishies really comes into its own with its innovative, fully featured community creation tools,  one of the first games to offer such a high level of support on PSVR. The same tools that Brainseed Factory used to build the game have been made available to everyone, enabling you to create levels of your own. These levels can then be shared with your friends and the rest of the world using an online store.

Of the announcement, Bilal Chbib, Producer and Game Designer at Brainseed Factory has this to say “We have big plans for our little Squishies, and working with an experienced partner like Perp to bring the game to the beloved box is definitely a great step forward.”

Squishies offers players the chance to solve puzzles and be creative, all out of one box. And is sure to offer hours upon hours of entertainment for weeks, months, and years to come.

Critics have already showered the game with praise, with UploadVR saying Squishies is ‘a polished and thoughtfully-made experience with plenty of content and a charming world to explore’ and The VR Grid saying it’s ‘a family-friendly puzzler with a lot of polish & charm”.

Announcing the first Perp Games title in 2019, Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games, believes Squishies offers incredible value for money and is indicative of the quality of incredible titles coming over the next twelve months “Squishies is a great puzzle game, that uses the Move controllers in a unique and intuitive way.   We really love the level editor and think fans will have great fun creating new levels to share to the community.”

Squishies will get a physical release in Spring 2019 for PSVR owners in EU territories. An NA date will follow.


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