Paper Dolls now available on the Perp Games Online Store and EU Retailers

Winking Entertainment and Perp Games continued relationship extends to the EU Market Release of Paper Dolls available today!

About a month ago, Winking Entertainment released Paper Dolls, a PSVR Horror Thriller on the PSN Store. Paper Dolls is definitely a different experience from the previous horror games. The developers for Paper Dolls also talked about some of the most discussed topics, including the movement method and more.

The new patch for Paper Dolls includes chapter selection and a new movement method. Chapter selection will only be unlocked after players seal the demons. Now, players can visit their favorite demon and enjoy sealing each of them, again and again.

One of the topics players talked about is the control schemes. Using both triggers to move forward in the game caused difficulty and discomfort for some players, therefore, the new movement method is created which makes the game easier.

Following the release of Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War and Unearthing Mars 1 in The Ultimate VR Collection, Paper Dolls now has a standalone boxed release in EU territories on PSVR.

Paper Dolls is a first person VR Horror adventure which sees players search for their daughter, uncovering more about the Qing Dynasty.

As players cling to their survival, so they learn more about an omnipresent enemy lingering throughout an eerie, ancient house.

With a fifteen hour campaign, unique movement design, and a fascinating collaboration of music, Paper Dolls is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing and terrifying VR Horror releases to date.

Speaking about the continued partnership with Perp Games, Ran Wang , VP of Winking Entertainment says “Perp Games is doing an excellent job in releasing VR games physically. We are very excited to continue the partnership with Perp Games and bring our new games to more players.”

Perp’s Relationship with Winking Entertainment will continue with releases of The Walker and Reborn in 2019.

On publishing Paper Dolls, Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games had this to say Winking Entertainment really are leading the way in the PSVR market and it is great to be continuing our relationship with them. Paper Dolls is, in my opinion, one of the most spine-chilling titles on PSVR.”

Paper Dolls is now available at market in EU territories on December 7th. Release dates in other territories to follow.

You can also purchase directly from the brand new Perp Games Online Store


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