Blind now available at retail in EU Territories

Use the power of echolocation in this virtual reality thriller

Perp Games Tiny Bull Studios and Fellow Traveller are delighted to work together to bring Blind to EU retailers from today.

Blind is built from the ground up for VR and tasks players with solving puzzles while exploring a twisted and frightening mansion that houses an unsettling truth.

Blind was first conceived as ‘Come to See My House’ during a Global Game Jam in 2014 and won the team at Tiny Bull ‘Best Game Award’ at the Turin (Italy) Jam Site. It has now become one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation VR releases of 2018.

Speaking about Blind, Tiny Bull Studios CEO, Matteo Lana says

“Most VR titles use the medium to flood players’ senses, but we wanted to do something special and restrict the senses in a way. But even as Blind inhibits our standard perception of sights, the echolocation mechanic and fully encompassing environment engage the player and enhance the puzzle gameplay in a way that only VR can.’

Players will carefully and cautiously navigate their creepy surroundings using Echolocation, prompted by tapping their cane to produce soundwaves. Items such as Gramophones are also used to get your bearings as you try to find a way forward.


It’s up to you to confront your emotions and find out where you are, who’s brought you there, and why you’ve been chosen.

Blind also supports both binaural audio and motion control to really immerse the player in a truly unique Virtual Reality experience.

Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games is delighted to work on Blind and showcase it among the company’s diverse and varied portfolio of PlayStation VR titles

‘With Blind, players will set off on a unique experience that breaks exciting new ground in the VR space. We could not be happier to work with Tiny Bull on this special game that adds so much to Perp’s diverse and varied portfolio of PlayStation VR titles.’

Blind is now available at EU retailers on PlayStation VR.


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