Blind releases physically on September 28th

Darkness echoes in psychological virtual reality (VR) thriller Blind, set to launch digitally on Sept. 18. A physical retail version will follow on September 28th through Perp Games.

Developed by Tiny Bull Studios and indie label Fellow Traveller (previously Surprise Attack Games), Blind confronts players with puzzles draped in shades of black and white, offering around five to eight hours of emotionally tense gameplay.

Blind focuses on the story of a young woman who wakes up in a strange room, unsure of how she came to be there and is now faced with the shocking realization that she has lost her sense of sight.

Goaded by the mysterious Warden, players must explore a twisted and frightening mansion using echolocation to briefly reveal the outlines of objects, navigate the mansion, solve puzzles and uncover the mystery of what is happening and why. As players gradually approach the truth, however, the woman will be forced to confront her worst enemy – that which she does not, or will not, see.

“Most VR titles use the medium to flood players’ senses, but we wanted to do something special and restrict the senses in a way,” says Matteo Lana, CEO of Tiny Bull Studios.

“But even as Blind inhibits our standard perception of sight, the echolocation mechanic and fully-encompassing environment engage the player and enhance the puzzle gameplay in a way that only VR can.”

Blind will be available digitally on Sept. 18, 2018 for $24.99 on PlayStation VR. A physical retail version, published by Perp Games will become available in EU territories beginning Sept. 28, with a North American release date to follow.

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