The American Dream releases digitally on March 14

Samurai Punk have confirmed that The American Dream will be lighting up Playstation 4 and PC next week on March 14.

The American Dream will take you through a satirical trip in a 1950’s world fair that shows how your everyday American life can be improved with guns. From making dinner to changing a baby’s diaper, this is a game for True American Patriots where all your everyday needs can so obviously be solved with guns.

The American Dream will host more than 20 action-packed stages, each made up of a key moment in an average American’s life.

Featuring the voice talent of Michael Dobson as Buddy Washington, The American Dream will square off against America’s seemingly never-ending obsession with guns and takes players on an unrelenting journey into a world where the freedom to fire may not be all it is cracked up to be…

Perp Games will have more to announce on The American Dream next week! For now, get all your information on the digital release on


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