Pre Orders Now Open for Radial G in the UK

Perp Games are excited to announce that pre-orders are now open for Radial G: Racing Revolved on Playstation VR in the UK.

You can secure your copy ahead of the official UK launch date at either Amazon or GAME right now for just £29.99!

Radial G is an intense multiplayer racing game and will be the fastest VR game ever. Players will race against up to 8 others on tubular tracks that feature 360 degree rotation, meaning you can spin and tilt your way around the course.

And if that’s not enough, players can pick weapons to help give them an edge with 5 different pick ups.

Kotaku say Radial-G is ‘like a Virtual Reality WipEout’ while Polygon call it ‘Fast, beautiful and shows a mastery of VR design’

With an exclusive soundtrack from Delta Heavy and Utah Saints, 9 seperate tracks and 7 ships, there’s plenty here for everyone.





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