VR Karts now available in Box.

VR Karts is now available in boxed form at your local retailer.

In the UK, Perp and Viewpoint Games are pleased to announce that VR Karts will be available in a retail boxed version exclusively from GAME stores across the UK. The charming racer launched digitally on PSVR in May and Perp and Viewpoint Games are pleased to be working exclusively with leading retailer GAME to complete the UK launch of VR Karts on PSVR.

In VR Karts players can hop in the driver’s seat of their own customised kart and race against each other through stunning environments as they collect power ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers. The fun and family-friendly racing game is designed specifically for Virtual Reality, making it an exceptionally smooth driving experience.

The PSVR version of VR Karts introduces a host of new features. Players can enjoy improved weapon handling and AI with more complex race tactics and weapons usage, a more realistic world scale for super comfortable VR racing and an improved collision system to control spin-outs. The PSVR release also features the new unique PlayStation control mode using the DualShock4 as a steering wheel and additional customisation prop packs are available via DLC.

“We are very excited to be putting our trust into GAME. As the leading specialist in the industry, we believe they have a unique position to be able to reach and talk to our PSVR audience.” said Rob Edwards, MD and Founder of Perp.


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