AFFECTED: The Manor – GearVR Edition Update

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We are now under the final beta testing stages for AFFECTED: The Manor (GearVR Edition) and are happy to say we are close to delivering a near to PC experience, but on a mobile platform.

It has been important for the team to deliver an experience as immersive and dynamic as the original PC version, which was not a simple task due to the amount of dynamic lights that play a huge part in the atmospheric environment that was created. While there always has to be a trade off between performance and visual fidelity, we feel we have managed to find the perfect balance enabling us to deliver a close to PC port. Even some of our testers who have tried the DK2 version, find the Gear VR Edition more visually pleasing than the original PC Version.

Two control methods have been deployed, so you can move your player by either using the built in TouchPad, or by using a Samsung compatible Bluetooth controller. During original testing our TouchPad methods did not feel as intuitive as we would have liked, so a large amount of time was put into finding the best non-controller control method. By simply holding the TouchPad to move forward, and optimizing the level for this control method, we found that this technique produced the best results and it is now our preferred method to navigate the environment.

But this is not just a simple port, we have also added a few extra surprises in for players who have experienced the original AFFECTED.


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